How to create a Web Integration Token

After creating a Flow, You need a Web Integration Token to link the Flow with your URL and perform the validations. Follow these steps to create a Web Integration Token in Postman or another API client:

  1. Create a POST request with the next URL:

  2. Add the next headers

    • Truora-API-Key: <api key> Get an API key following the authentication guide
    • Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  3. Add the following params in the request body with their respective values

    • key_name: api-key user name
    • key_type: web
    • grant: digital-identity
    • api_key_version: 1
    • country: The country where the validation is to be performed, for example: CO
    • redirect_url: URL where the user is to be redirected once the validation is completed
    • flow_id: flow_id from flow creation
  4. Send the request and copy the api_key from the response.

  5. As last step use<api_key> and set the api_key for perform the validation process and sharing the link.

Note: The Web Integration Tokens have a 2 hours shelf life by default.