Common errors

The following errors are common in the realization of an identity process. For errors specific to an API action, please refer to the documentation for that API action.

Are you having problems accessing data from a process performed by your user?

This can occur for three reasons listed below: - The process id provided to the api resource is wrong. - It often happens that you generate a temporary API key and create a process with this API key, and then generate a new temporary API key and try to access the data of the previously created process with this last API key. This is not allowed by our system, if the process is created with a temporary API key all actions of this process must be performed with this same API key or with the main API key of the customer. - It may also happen that you are trying to access the process data with an expired temporary API key, it is recommended that the temporary API key is only used for users to complete the process from a browser and that the customer accesses the process data through their primary API key.

My user cannot perform the process because the browser shows unauthorized?

This may occur because the process was started too late which means that the user's temporary API key is expired, in this case it will be necessary to generate a new temporary API key, if the error persists please contact our support team.

My users cannot perform the process because they have problems with the camera?

This may happen because the device has incompatibilities with the browser and can not use the camera, in this case it is recommended to suggest the user to try from another browser or enable the native camera option.