Creating a Custom Type

Use the API to create a Custom Check Type. Custom check types allow you to choose which Datasets are searched and how impactful each one of them are when calculating the Global Score.

Let’s make our first custom type to help illustrate the usage of our API. The following requisites must be met in order to proceed:

Truora API-Key: grants access to our services, reach out to our sales team to get a demo API-key if you don’t have one already. Postman: a collaboration tool for API development. Although it is not required to perform the integration, it helps to perform tests along the way.

Follow these steps to create a Custom Type:

  1. Create a POST request to in Postman.
  2. Click the Headers tab. Create a new key named Truora-API-Key.
  3. Set the value for Truora-API-Key as your Truora API-key.
  4. Create a new key named Content-Type.
  5. Set the value for Content-Type as application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
  6. Click the Body tab. Tick the x-www-form-urlencoded box.
  7. Create a new key named type.
  8. Set the value for type as the name of your custom type. person, vehicle, and company are not allowed.
  9. Create a new key named country and set its value to your country, CO for Colombia, MX for Mexico, BR for Brazil. Check the Create Custom Type section for the complete list.
  10. Create one key named after each of the following datasets except those you do not want to include:
    • dataset_personal_identity
    • dataset_criminal_record
    • dataset_legal_background
    • dataset_international_background
    • dataset_professional_background
    • dataset_affiliations_and_insurances
    • dataset_alert_in_media
    • dataset_business_background
    • dataset_traffic_fines
    • dataset_driving_licenses
    • dataset_vehicle_information
    • dataset_taxes_and_finances (not supported in Brazil)
    • dataset_vehicle_permits
    • dataset_document_validation
  11. Set the value for each dataset key to a number between 0 and 1 to determine how impactful every dataset will be to the global score, where 0 is irrelevant and 1 is the only dataset to have an impact on the score. Keep in mind that the sum of all dataset values must equal 1.
  12. Click Send. The API returns a response in JSON format including all custom types that apply for the country you entered.

To use a Custom Check Type, simply set the value of the type key of the Check Creation with the name of the Custom Type.