Creating API keys

Once you have gotten your first API key, you can perform all your requests using the same key. However, if your operation requires requests from multiple company areas or are created from different applications or services, you might want to create more API keys.

To create an API key you must create a POST request to the URL (Here’s a link to its documentation) with the following fields:

  • key_type: either web or sdk. This field represents how the services are going to be used.
  • key_name: required for backend key types only.
  • api_key_version: the version of the API to be used. We strongly recommend using 1 grant: for backend or sdk key types only, represents if the key is going to be used for check, digital-identity, or signals.
  • billing_hub: in case you’re using billing hubs, here you can associate the API key with a billing hub

There are several fields required for digital-identity type keys, but for simplicity we’ll leave them out for now. Keep in mind that API keys for digital identity expire after 25 minutes. You can check them all out in the documentation.